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Pain-free treatments for many common skin conditions such as corns and callus are conducted in our clinics, providing immediate improvement after treatment.

We’ll give the advice to help you prevent similar problems in the future and improve your foot health.


A Callus is commonly found around the heels and under the forefoot. It is a flat area of thick dead skin. Sometimes the callus can split under pressure, this is known as a fissure and can be very painful when walking. Often fissures appear around the heel area and on the sole of the foot. If callus and fissures remain untreated, they can lead to the breakdown of the underlying skin and possible infection.

Our podiatrists can remove the callus through gentle treatment followed by buffing of the skin with specialised podiatry tools to produce a smooth surface. You will then be educated on possible causes and offered ongoing management advice.


A corn is a painful cone-shaped area of hard skin that can vary in size and sometimes feel like a small pebble. They tend to occur over a bony prominence of the foot and are usually caused by direct pressure on the skin.

Common places to develop a corn are:

  • On the ball of the foot
  • On the top of toes
  • Between the toes
  • The outside edge of the 5th toe.

Treatment of a corn involves the podiatrist identifying the cause followed by pain free removal of the corn using specialised podiatry instruments.

Often a protective or deflective padding will be advised and applied to the foot or shoe to prevent the regrowth of the corn.

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