Diabetic Foot Health Care

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Diabetes is a condition that affects the body’s ability to utilize, process and distribute blood sugar.

If sugar levels remain elevated over a period, then this can affect the feet. Poor sugar control can harm feet by:

  • Nerve damage causing loss of feeling in feet
  • Reduced blood supply to feet

If diabetes is managed incorrectly this can lead to serious foot complications. Our podiatrists are experienced in assessing and managing patients with diabetes. We will communicate with your general practitioner and other specialists to develop a plan to maintain good foot health.

How we can help manage your feet:

  • Regularly cut nails and debride callus reducing the chance of laceration during self-care
  • Offer skincare advice
  • Perform Vascular tests including testing tissue perfusion (temperature of skin) and Subpapillary Venous Plexus Filling Time.
  • Doppler vascular assessments to monitor circulation within the Dorsalis Pedis & Posterior Tibial arteries of the foot
  • Annual Diabetic report of neurological and vascular status to your GP or specialist

Neurological system Assessments

We monitor and assess the small nerves that provide sensation to the feet that can be destroyed by high blood sugar levels associated with uncontrolled diabetes. This leads to a condition known as Peripheral Neuropathy.

Some of the signs and symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy can include;

  • Numbness in feet
  • Blisters following undetected pressure from footwear
  • Bone and skin infections from undressed wounds
  • Ulcerations due to undetected pressure from footwear
  • Cuts or lacerations and burns to skin whilst walking barefooted
  • Amputation following osteomyelitis or bone infections

We can help you manage your Peripheral Neuropathy with;

  • Regular debridement of callus and corns caused by pressure and shearing forces
  • Foot health education and advice
  • Ongoing assessment and monitoring of your foot health and skin integrity and prevent infections and trauma
  • Perform neurological and vascular assessments
  • Communicate with your GP or specialist with neurological reports.
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